Campsite Rules

Camping opening hours: from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.

On entering the campsite you must collect the entry form and the car sticker.

All visitors to the campsite must leave an accreditation document or passport at reception; the maximum visiting time is one hour; if they exceed the established visiting time, they must pay a full day’s fee.

All clients must be accompanied by reception staff in order to access their pitch.

Reception must be notified in advance of any change from one plot to another or plot reservation.

It is forbidden to drive faster than 10 km/h in any campsite.

Dogs and other pets must be kept on a leash.

Silence must be kept throughout the campsite from midnight until 8 am.

The main gate to the campsite will be closed to vehicles from midnight until 8 am.

The exit gate to the beach will be closed to vehicles 24 hours a day.

The campsite pitch must be vacated by 12 noon.

To pay, please go to the office next to the reception; you have to hand in the entry form together with the car sticker (the part where the year is indicated).

Please keep all the campsite facilities (toilets, swimming pool, water fountains, pitches) in good condition for your comfort and for the good of future campers.

Scooters and quads are not allowed on the campsite.

For barbecues, permission must be requested at the reception/office and charcoal must be used.

Bungalow and Tent

Pets (excluding category 1 and 2) are allowed in the bungalows, tents, and surrounding areas.

Prices include the number of individuals (including babies) indicating the maximum occupancy in each bungalow and tent (4 in the 4-person bungalow, 6 in the 6-person bungalow, and 4 in the 4-person tent).

Includes one (1) car. Any extra vehicle will be charged extra.

The deposit is 100 €.

On arrival at the campsite the full amount is to be paid (remember art.13).

Minimum stay:

Low/medium season: minimum 2 days.

High season: minimum 7 days, from Saturday to Saturday.

Bed linen, towels and blankets ARE NOT INCLUDED.

On arrival and departure from the bungalow, all items must be checked to ensure that they are in good condition.

If any damage/damage is found on leaving the bungalow, it will be the responsibility of the client.

The entrance to the bungalow will be from 15 h. and the day of departure must be left before 10 h. in the morning, to carry out the corresponding control.

The entrance to the safari tent will be from 16 h. and the day of departure must be left before 11 h. in the morning, to carry out the corresponding control.