The beach of the Greek pier of Empúries

Near Estartit and Camping La Sirena, is the city of l’Escala and in it the site of Empúries. Empúries is an important archaeological site. It is an ancient Greek and Roman city founded in the 6th century BC. Empúries (formerly called Emporion) became one of the main ports of the western Mediterranean.

In the archaeological site you can see the remains of the Greek city and the Roman city, which are found in two different areas of the site. In the Greek city the remains of the agora, the theater, the wall and some houses are preserved. Also noteworthy is the Greek statue of Aesculapius. In the Roman city you can see the baths, the forum, the amphitheater and some temples.

In addition to these main structures, you can also see other interesting archaeological remains, such as the necropolis, the port, the cobbled streets and some mosaics.

The Empúries archaeological site is a very interesting place for lovers of history and archaeology. It can be visited to learn more about ancient Greek and Roman culture in the Iberian Peninsula and in the Mediterranean.

The beach of the Greek pier of Empuries

The beach of the Greek pier of Empuries is located in front of the archaeological site. It is freely accessed by a beautiful promenade that surrounds the coast. The walk to the beach allows us to appreciate the beauty of the location of the ancient city of Emporion. The beach, protected by the old pier, is always calm and sheltered from the winds. It is an ideal corner to enjoy the Mediterranean in all its historical and natural splendor.

The Greek dock of Empúries is an old port structure. This pier is one of the main remains of maritime activity in the ancient Greek city of Emporion. It was built in the 6th century BC. and it has been rebuilt several times throughout its history, the last time being in Roman times. The structure of the pier is made up of large stone blocks, some of them more than two meters in length, which were put into place with the help of large lifting machines.

The Greek dock of Empúries is considered one of the oldest ports in the western Mediterranean and one of the best preserved. Today, visitors can walk along the pier, bathe on its beach and appreciate its original structure, as well as learn more about the commercial and maritime activity that took place in the ancient city of Emporion.

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